"Orion" professional intelligent flight control system

  "Orion"intelligent flight control is a kind of professional flight control systemdeveloped for industrial specific users, the main application of the flightcontrol system is multi-rotor class aircraft, but according to user needs tissystem can be extended to control the fixed-wing, helicopter, special aircraftand a variety of ground, water unmanned equipment. The system fully supportsall types of remote control and PC, it has high reliability, stability andredundancy. It can work in harsh, complex operating conditions with excellentperformance. The SLK series multi-rotor intelligent electric pesticide sprayingdrone equipped with this flight control system won the first prize in thesecond session of the China Agricultural Science and Technology InnovationCompetition, it is one of the most mature flight control system with nicecustomers experience.

At present, this flightcontrol system product only sell to the industrial customers.

Featuresof "Orion" intelligent flight control

1. Minimal operatingexperience

Basing on actual needs,this flight control system can set one-key takeoff, landing, hover by loosinghands and rocker sensitivity ratio settings. The user can grasp the operationswithin 5 minutes.

2. Stable flightperformance

MTBF of this Flightcontrol has reached 5000 hours or more with very stable performance. it hasmulti-sensor fusion with high control and high precision.

3. Flying height, rangeand other geographical fences

This fence setting canconfine the working scopes of the drones. Simple and effective failureprotection, remote control power failure and other abnormal conditions,automatic return to take-off point landing; more than six-axis suspension wing,single motor failure can be stable landing.


Types of supported

Multi-rotor aircraft

I4X4 four rotors

I6X6Y6 six rotors

X8I8V8 eight rotors

Supported electronic

governor output

490Hz refresh rate

Recommended battery

2S ~ 6S lithium polymer battery

Ambient temperature

-15°C — 70°C

System configurations

Windows XP SP3 / 7 /8 (32 or 64 digit)

Hover accuracy (GPS mode)

Vertical direction± 0.1m

Horizontal direction± 0.5m

maximum inclination angle


maximum lifting speed


Electronic fence


out of control protection

landing/one-key return

Power consumption

1W (typical value200mA@5V

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