Intelligent Control System of Indoor Service Robot


Regardingthe more and more popular indoor intelligent service robots, it can be dividedinto three parts from the technical and functional aspects:

1.Indoor and complex space precision positioning navigation system (not based onGPS);

2.Intelligent drive and control system basing on multi-sensor fusion and relatedcontrol algorithms ;

3.Functional hardware platform basing on the motor, the server and a variety ofmechanical structure of the.

Forthe above three major technical modules, the vast majority of the currentdomestic research and development focus on a relatively simple module,"indoor precision positioning", "intelligent controlsystem" module are rare on the market, almost no mature, suitable fortechnical solutions to choose from.

Aimat the above bottleneck in the development of the above-mentioned industry, ourintelligent control system adopts the data fusion through UWB technology,inertial navigation technology and optimal position estimation algorithm, it canprovide high-speed and accurate core position information for the indoor UAVand intelligent roots. According to the precise position information, the systemcan guide the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and the robot to complete theautonomous routing and multiple application services through the integratednavigation control algorithm in the motion control system. Therefore, thisintelligent control system is for the indoor service robot industry marketprovides a complete set of complete, mature technology solutions.

System features

Using the mostadvanced ultra-wideband radio positioning technology; it has high penetratingpower, low power consumption, anti-jamming effect, high security, lowcomplexity of the system advantages, and  it can significantly reduce the cost of basestation positioning system.

One base stationprecision positioning system can cover about 40,000 square meters indoorcomplex environment.

1. Fusion sensor dataand flight control inertial navigation technology and optimal positionestimation algorithm to make secondary positioning data output accuracy andstability to be further enhanced to achieve the indoor complex environmentwithin 5 ~ 250px positioning error.

2. Dual-core ARMCortex-A9 CPU, 667M frequency processor to ensure that 8-axis closed-loop servocontrol / open-loop pulse control, high-speed pulse capture, high-speed pulseThe output ensures reference control for each axis.

3. Flexible camtrack, electronic gear linkage movement, multi-axis superimposed movementallows users to customize various types of cam curve to meet the needs ofvarious applications; electronic gear linkage allows dynamic changes inconnection ratio, the linkage ratio after the change in real-time effect ;Support motion superposition function, you can set the different connectionratio of the two axes were superimposed.

4. The centralcontrol system based on outer loop solution can not only control the drivingand function realization of single unmanned aerial vehicle and robot, but alsorealize coordination and dispatch of multiple robots in complex environment.


Thissystem is only available for professional customers.

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