Modern Large - data Platform System of Precision Agriculture Intelligent Management

System program summary

Aiming at the agricultural plant protectionin view of the actual demand of modern precision agriculture, ourindependently-developed "Runwu" intelligent flow meter andlarge-scale data management system is mainly used for farmland management. Thisplatform can be compatible with a variety of plant protection equipment and canachieve the spray speed and flow of pharmaceutical precision matching, flexibleadjustment, and can store and return real-time spray flow, operating area andoperations Remote data, in the background of large data management platform forstatistical analysis and massive data processing, so that end-users, plant protectionservices, management, monitoring and management of plant protection operations,Through mobile phones, computers and other terminals independent, real-timeaccess to control the required farmland protection information.

This system platform is the basis of modernprecision agriculture and agricultural data, the core of all types ofagricultural plant protection companies, agricultural service cooperatives andagrochemical manufacturers and other industry users with high practical value.


Functional realization

1. "Runwu" intelligent flow metercan achieve a high degree of compatibility, for all types of ground unmannedplant protection machinery and precise metering control.

2. "Runwu" smart flow meter canachieve precise matching of spraying speed and flow, when required amount ofspray per acre of farmland, regardless of equipment in the way, speed operationor the last per acre of land. The actual spraying can accurately reach thepre-set value; the error is less than five thousandths.

3."Runwu" intelligent flow metercan be two-way link, remote real-time return spray flow, operating area and jobtrajectory data to the background of large data management platform, and allowsend-users, plant protection service managers through mobile phones, computersand realizes the remote management, monitoring and information of farmland cropprotection.

4. Each agricultural plant protectionindustry users in the background of large data platform to obtain anindependent, encrypted subsystem platform, the user's own plant protection dataonly uploaded to their own subsystem platform, designed for their owninquiries, access and use ; All data and free storage for one year.

Cooperation form

1. Package solution transferred to customer.

2. Customized system solution to customers.


1. Highly compatible, easy use and precisemeasurement control

2. Spraying speed, accurate flow matching

3. Real-time data, remote managementmonitoring, spray data visualization

4. Independent, encrypted subsystemplatform, multi-dimensional data access analysis



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