UAV Multi - aircraft Coordination & Formation Flight Control System

Systemprogram summary

Using the self-developed outer-ring navigation controlalgorithm and the ultra-wideband base station precise positioning system, wecan realize the real-valued UAV multi-aircraft cooperation, formation flightand perform the corresponding tasks.

The multi-camera collaborative control system no longerneed to build depth of field cameras and other expensive and complexpresentation scenarios. In any indoor, outdoor application environment, just aset of portable base station and an outer control terminal, you can perfectrealization of multi-aircraft UAV cooperation and formation flight. Inparticular, the control system can support multiple UAVs intensive formation,flying out of any planning of various gestures and complex patterns; and in theformation of flight process, each of which UAV are instantly controllable, canbe scheduled, Change, adjust the attitude of any UAV and track, has reached atrue sense, there are practical value of multi-machine coordination.


1,a portable base station precision positioning system can cover about 40,000square meters indoor and outdoor complex environment.

2,can achieve the UAV spacing <1250px intensive formation flight.

3,in theory, a set of the control system can be achieved on the 10000 + of theUAV precision multi-machine coordinated control. At present the initialrealization of 2 to 50 UAV multi-aircraft coordination and formation flight.

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